Friday, January 25, 2008

Last of Christmas

I don't update this frequently enough - here a few pictures from the Christmas season. I wish I could figure this thing out better so that I could post the pictures more in order. This first one is of Paige on Christmas morning - she is such a dreamy baby. Maybe one day I'll photo shop the pictures first too - so that there is no more red eye. We had a great Christmas this year - it is always so nice to have down time and time to be together.

See what I mean about out of order? Here is Maggie preparing to play at her first ever piano recital. She did a great job - her teacher just had a baby, so she has a couple of months off.

The week before Christmas everyone was a little under the weather, so we stayed close to home. On New Year's Eve we went to Longwood Gardens in PA - they had an ice skating show, lights at night, and the most beautiful indoor garden ever! A highlight for Chris and the girls were the trains - they had two set up with trestles (sp?) and everything. We had fun watching them go around and around. We got a Lionel Train for the tree this year and we all had lots of fun racing it around the track!

The girls in the Blue light tunnel outside! We left the gardens at around 5:30, thinking we would stop somewher on the way home for dinner. We got to Carraba's at 6:15 and were told it would be a 120 minute wait (does that sound shorter than 2 hours?) We tried 2 other places before we settled on McDonald's and by the time we made it to the one we had seen, it was after 7:00 and the place was closed. So, WAWA (a New Jersey chain of convenience stores/gas stations) it was! We all got sandwiches and ate them in the parking lot before heading home!

The girls in the children's garden at Longwood - it was really fun and really crowded, it's pretty amazing I got this picture without anyone in front of them.
It was really soooooo beautiful. In this main room they had every kind of red and white flower imaginable. The girls are standing in front of Paper Whites, but they also had tulips, snapdragons, white daffodils etc....
One of the many beautiful trees!
Ashlee in her Christmas dress, this was after church, I didn't get one of her before!

That's it! Christopher has been flying a lot lately. He was in the Pacific (Guam, Japan, Hawaii) last week and he just left yesterday for a week in California. We are having girls movie night tonight with pizza, brownies and a movie!!