Monday, April 21, 2008

Bike Riding!
Ashlee started riding a bike for the first time this weekend. She honestly could have done it a long time ago, but she was too nervouse that someone might see her learning how. So, on Saturday when we were cleaning out the garage and there was no-one around we got out the bike and now she is a pro!

Look at the concentration!

Another makeup escapade, this time she was at the neighbors!

Here is Paige seconds before she chipped her tooth (just a tiny bit) on the pack and play! Not only did she get hurt, but she hated the thing, I may never get yard work done this year.
And just a little update on the field trip. At the last minute Christopher was able to go with her - they had a great time, the play was Flat Stanley - on the bus ride on the way home (about an hour ride) Christopher fell asleep, and now in Ashlee's words: "I was just snuggling into Daddy and getting comfortable when Hayley and Diesha turned around and said 'Ashlee, hey Ashlee, your dad is drooling!'" Poor daddy - he has been getting up around 4am to work on his MBA, and he is in IP upgrade so he has to really study the plane...he has been very busy. What a great Dad to take time out to go on a field trip though!


Sarah said...

Oh poor Christopher! But what a good dad!