Friday, March 20, 2009

A sure sign that spring is slowly, slowly making its way - trampoline hair. Although on this first day of spring we woke up to snow! It is gone now and just gloomy and rainy, but the grass is growing greener and the tips of all the spring bulbs are peeking through. We are reading The Secret Garden together at night and it feels like the perfect time for it.
And here is a picture of C pretending to be blind. I am not going to pretend that I didn't laugh until I had to beg him for mercy to stop. You can see him smiling, but he is trying so hard not to. On Wednesday last week, he went to get his eyes checked, turns out he has a cataract in his left eye. We were all (especially him) a little anxious about what this would mean for his flying. So we said a few extra prayers about it. After he met with the specialist on Friday, he thought it would be extra funny to tease the girls about being blind/having eye surgery etc... He kept it up for about 35 minutes - all during dinner. Ashlee kept saying "Dad, stop it! Are you really blind?" "Dad, I mean it." "Dad, tell us the truth." I tried to point out to her that he had driven himself home from work, changed out of work clothes and been generally functioning around the house up until dinner time. But, I can really sympathize with her because he's just so relentless in pursuing the joke that you start to believe him. At various times during our marriage I have believed him to: lose feeling in his legs, suffer from heart palpitations, experience vision loss etc.... Somewhere around the 15/20 minute mark all reason goes out the window for me. He must be serious, I think, because I would have driven him over the edge by now if it was just a joke. The more we start to believe though, the harder it makes him work at the game. He is really twisted that way. You may be wondering why he is crawling on the floor. Well, he was pretending to be unable to find his plate to put some grapes on, so he was on the floor slapping/groping around to get all of the grapes. Right after this, we got out the water bottle- so that Ashlee would see him put his arms up in defense when we squirted him, but he kept it up. I think tears were what finally brought back his sight. And the specialist says that the cataract is so small right now that it's nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Major Yeates

Congratulations to one of the newest Major selects! He should "pin on" sometime this year. New Air Force policy - Blues on Mondays - I've always preferred him in his "green pajamas", but the blues are growing on me.