Monday, June 6, 2011


 My parents came to visit in April - the first weekend of the month.  Some of our activities included: April Fooling - plain glazed donuts covered with a mix of cocoa powder and olive oil.  We almost had both girls, but the "icing" was runny and they licked their fingers first.  Ashlee is doing a re-enactment for us.

 We went to the Beach - I just want to note for the record once again that I really want to live near the beach, like really near, close enough to bike ride/walk near (I need a few more years to work on Christopher for this to even be a possibility) - that bottom beach shot is with my dad's fancy camera, and even though I can't imagine carrying something so big around and taking it out to snap pictures, I covet the kinds of pictures that you can take with it. 
We also went back to my mom and dad's old apartment where they lived with 3 small kids - and then 4.    It was really cute still, I would live there now.   Like always, my parents really lifted my spirits (sometimes I get low, low, low when Christopher is gone) and did lots of projects - pulling weeds, about a million of them out  of our mostly clay dirt, and sewing a bottom panel on the curtain in our kitchen. The trade-off of not living close is that we get un-interrupted time with them when they come to visit.