Friday, February 15, 2008

Minor Miracle
Minor Miracle [Photo][Photo]The heavens didn't open, we didn't win the lottery, but the baby did sleep! We have had two extra children in our care for the last eight days (they left yesterday) and WOW did it throw little P for a loop! She decided about 4 days ago that sleep was not something she considered necessary. So, naptime and bedtime have been loooooonnnngggg struggles that have left just about everyone unnerved and ready to pull hair out. Finally yesterday I decided that sleep was more important just now than routine and let her sleep with me at night and while I held her during the day! But tonight, bracing myself for another seemingly endless bedtime I decided to give our little routine (one that we really worked on and has worked beautifully for the last 6 or so months) a whirl again. After the song, I laid her in the crib and she thought about about fussing and she reached for the bar to stand up and scream..... and she decided it was time to sleep and she did! Hallelujah! We are having pretty nice February weather her in the garden state! All us girls love it outside - C is out riding a bike around Ascension Island this week - he got it all spiffied up for the trip - it was so happy to be out of the garage!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am on one of the Obama Campaigns massive mailing lists...regardless of your politics I think this speech was incredible and in this format it is SO inspiring! Take a look!