Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures for Dad

Summer seems to be winding up - it's August 13, just a few more weeks 'till school starts and 2 more until we fly home to the garden state. Here are some pictures for our Papa Bear who is far away.

This is Paige and Ashlee at the Demolition Derby. It took Ashlee 2-3 heats to really enjoy the whole thing, but by the time we were trying to leave before the final heat was over, she wanted to stay and see who won. It was pretty fun. . . really loud, but fun.

Paige loves to get into Grandma's china hutch to play tea party with the things inside - in this picture she has dragged Alexander and Ashlee into trouble with her. She is usually pretty careful and just gets smallish things, but it makes me nervous.
We also went to "This is the Place" Heritage Park - a pretty fun place. There have been lots of places here that I have thought "If we lived here, I would get a membership" and this is one. They were very kid friendly, and the activities were included in the cost of entry - everyone rode horses, even Paigie.

The highlight for Paige and Alexander was the train, I think Alexander cried every time we had to get off. Here is Maggie with Baby Eva (Daniel's youngest)

And here they all are on a mini train. Good Aunt Heather rode with kids while Miriam and I watched the strollers.
Thank-you to Aunt Heather who is letting us use her camera - we forgot ours!