Saturday, May 8, 2010


Paigie turns three on Monday and she is happily anticipating her big day.  Ashlee and I went shopping for gifts today and when we returned home, she came running out to the car asking "Where are the presents?"  I told her we couldn't find anything we really liked so we would have to go shopping another day.   That was a lie - I don't have time to go shopping another day and there were indeed gifts for her in the back of the car, but also true - I didn't find anything I really liked.  There is a big, green moving truck in the driveway and Paige's big day unfortunately falls in the middle of moving week this time, so we only bought small gifts that can be taken in the car without a lot of thoughtful planning.  Luckily I had some chocolate covered strawberries back there and those made her forget about the gifts. 

I am happy to have a three year-old who is happy and strong and healthy - both body and mind.  I am grateful for it.  But I am a little heartbroken that she is three, because it means she is no longer 2, or 1, or just arrived.  She's just growing so fast.  She is a daddy's girl, just like her two sisters.  When she is hurt or offended, she comes to get her daddy and has him beat up the offender, even me,  if I have given offense.  He started it when Paigie came to him one time over some offense and he asked "Should we go beat her up?"  Right now it's all jovial fun - hopefully she doesn't start to take it too seriously.  She is very particular about clothes (only dresses, please, unless it's her favorite green skirt.) and shoes and hair.  She likes to do tricks for us and color and write us notes.  She has vivid imagination often plays very elaborate games with inanimate objects given voices and personalities.  She needs a nap, but hates to take one.  For the past week she has been sleeping on the floor with her sisters and loves it in there.  She still loves her blanket.  She loves carrots and broccoli and lettuce, but really no other vegetable.  She loves to help - especially if the task seems like one only an adult can do.  She hates to pick up her own toys.  We love her and are so grateful to be a part of her family.  SO grateful.

Here is a picture from last year on her day - because that big green truck isn't exactly going to pack itself.  Oh how I wish it would.