Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 Word Catch Up








Here's what we have been up to, 9 pictures, 10 words or so a picture....  These are all out of order, I tried to rearrange, delete, start over, but it's not happening.  

#1  Celebrated Birthdays 13, 10 and 4.  Happy girls, lucky mama.
#2  July: Yosemite: Breathtaking - Paige and Ashlee were airplanes on most downhills.
#3  Yosemite in early July - retire here?    Yes please !!!!!!  Breathtaking.
#4  More Yosemite, every stream was overflowing, water everywhere!
#5  More Yosemite - snowball fights in July, on this walk/hike Paige kept yelling "Quick, get more ammo."
#6  Later in July, trip to Seattle to see Chris's brothers.  So good to see everyone and have the cousins meet!
#7  May- down to San Diego, Sea world with entire population of city one day.  Fun trip - lost one set of keys in the Pacific.
#8  End of year events: choir concert for Maggie, looking so grown up.
#9  May - trip to Long Beach Washington for me with my sisters and mom.  So fun, so relaxing, also the scariest bridge I may have ever been on!

So, that's pretty much it.  School has started - not sure I took any pictures, Paige is in pre-school 3 days a week and loves it.  She is still the best buddy to have around and I'm going to miss her next year when she goes every day (but still only half-days - yay!)  Ashlee just finished soccer, Maggie finished cross-country a few weeks ago (no pictures)  But I did manage to take one picture of Halloween when everyone was dressed up and ready to go - so I'll have to download that and post it later.  Now on to Thanksgiving - maybe I'll try and locate a camera sometime this week!