Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall Sports

 Fall sports are over (have been for quite some time now...)both Maggie and Ashlee played soccer, and Maggie ran for the cross country team at her Middle School.  I love soccer and hope they continue to play.  I do not love hyper-competitive parents / coaches.  Sometimes they are funny and entertaining (the coach in the green in the background is an example of this) but mostly they are bothersome and make me uncomfortable and even a little angry.  It's the only part of youth sports that I don't like.  Best memory I have of Ashlee this season (even though I didn't personally witness this, I was with Maggie at her field): While waiting for the game to start, Ashlee dropped and started doing push-ups.  She loves soccer and is always excited to play - I am smiling thinking about it right now.
Maggie's back during a race - I am really proud of her - she worked hard at cross country and improved her time by about 1 1/2 minutes during the season.  What makes me more proud is the fact that she showed up to try-outs/practice without a single friend (new school, only a few friends).  I would not have done that in a million years in school.  I played sports in high school, but I always knew someone until my senior year and  I probably wouldn't have played that year, but my dad found out about the off-season team for my school and got me to try-out, thanks Dad!   Anyway, Maggie is awesome.

So, there you go - one update down, several to go. . . .