Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend - low key and home a lot. On sunday we had the neighbors over for dinner. The daffodils and hyacinths were our centerpieces, stolen from the old housing that they are about to tear down. I still want to go over there with a shovel and steal a few plants for our yard.

Maggie seemed a little worried at the idea of stealing plants, but I called it our secret mission. And, and it's not stealing, just saving. Those poor plants will be part of the rubble in about 2 weeks and need a new home, and since the same (pathetic) company owns those houses and the ones we live in ... it's not really stealing. Yet I wonder how I would explain myself if someone were to ask what I was up to...

The pictures above are: Easter, after church, we couldn't get a good picture, no -one wanted to hold still and it's just impossible. Maggie has sort of out-grown the matching outfits stage, so no-one matched this year, but they all got a new Easter Dress and were very happy about it. I'm sure Paige was thrilled, she just can't tell us...

The other was my weekend project, does anyone else have a closet like this???? Every time I opened the door, I felt embarrased. It's really sad. Part of it is that we live in a tiny house, and part of it is we just have TOO much stuff. Since we got married, I have been sort of proud of the fact that we stay pretty organized and that I don't hang on to stuff too long. I, for example don't have 10 years of Ensigns saved in case I need them later. But, lately we have been inundated. Every shelf in the house has stuff very carefully balanced and crammed with things. I was going to do a before and after shot, but the after doesn't really look too different. It did get cleaned out though - 2 bags of trash and one giveaway box and now you can actually walk ALL the way in and it is much more orderly. Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling Better

OK, I sat down to write a happy post, but every time I try to post something, I either hit return one too many times or backspace one too many times and everything gets deleted. I can never get the pictures to line up with the text and I end up so frustrated that I leave it and don't come back to it for a few weeks.... it really is much more fun to read other people's blogs. But I am going to try one last time, if this doesn't work. I am just going to leave the feeling better blog title up for the next year and then delete this stinkin' blog!
Here are a few pictures taken the last little while. I have been feeling much better after the last six/eight weeks of Mono (who knew - but apparently that's what it was.) My GI doc called today with the latest results of my liver function blood work and all my levels are either normal or almost normal (the only one I understand is the bilirubin level which is about 1 point above normal). Thank-you to my mom who came and took care of us for 2 weeks - everyone misses you!
About the pictures: The first two are of the only significant snowfall we had all winter. It came at the end of February and the girls made the most of it. Ashlee is standing in front of their snowman on day one and Maggie is with him (after she reconstructed him a little) on day two. By the second day, the snow was SO WET - the girls went sledding and had mud all over them when we got home. The hair picture was for crazy hair day as part of the Dr. Suess birthday celebration at their school. Ashlee was Daisy head Maize and Maggie just had crazy hair. Paige at the dishwasher needs no explanation she empties every single drawer she can get her hands on! Chris has started upgrade so he will be home for the next 2 months or so - happy us! The girls started spring break today and they are happy to be free for the next week, but we are all wishing the weather was warmer - it's way too windy to go outside today and not supposed to be out of the 40's until next week.

Feeling Better!