Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 Snow Day Pics

Some things to notice about these 2 pics:
1. Paige has some serious road rash on her face - she fell when we were at the park before the snow.
2.  After the tent came down we decided to put a mattress on the floor in the living room - for the snow day.  We had so much snow this week, we left it up.  C. hated the idea at first, but now we all sort of love it.  I have been looking around for ideas that assimilate this but aren't so trashy. 

3.  Maggie and Ashlee are both soaking wet up to their waists.  They have been having a lot of fun playing in the snow.

4.  Paige isn't wet because playing in the snow goes against her core values.  She stays inside and eats snow day food - cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate etc...  She is also air-born in the bottom picture.  The picture probably doesn't show this, but she is also the cutest 2 year old we know.

The Ski Lesson

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse . . .  the weather people in Philadelphia (and many other cities, I'm sure) are over the moon about this weather.  72 inches so far this winter "And it's only February!!!!."  I love weather people. 


Christopher took the two older girls skiing for their first time today.  On Friday night, after everyone had picked up their skis, he spent about an hour with the garden hose laced through a pipe, pulling them back and forth so they could practice a little bit.  All reports are they had a great time.  Ashlee wants to buy skis - ASAP.  C stayed with them all day.  He is not a perfect father, but, in my humble opinion, he is one of the best.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Late to the Party

Ashlee came into the kitchen today and said "40 days until spring"  and left.  Good news or bad?  Winter blahs have set in.   Ashlee also convinced us to put up the 4 man tent the other night.  Our living room is not quite 10 feet wide and the tent is 9x9.  We were working on putting it up when Christopher got home from work, he just shook his head over and over and said how dangerous it was.  But, we got it put up and let them keep it up for 2 nights.  That was enough.  It took up the whole back of our living room.  There it is - they got to sleep in it one night.  I'll admit that I did say to myself a few times "See, I am a good mom.  See, I'm fun."  Some days you just need a mom boost.  This gave me one.  Plus,  I would love to have a play room for them to put stuff like this up and leave it if they wanted.  One day we will live in more than 1200 square feet.

The girls have had a few tea parties in the living room.  I am really bad at picture taking - I keep thinking a shiny new SLR would help - I wish I could capture the joy on Paige's face at being included with the big girls for a tea party.  She loves it.  I love that Maggie is still willing to participate and talk in her tea party voice about imaginary things.

I have a birthday coming up, and I have been feeling oldish.  All day today I have been mentally making a list about ways that I am late for the party and oldish.
1.  I-pods - Maggie has one, so does Chris, I don't.  I am just now beginning to see the beauty of it.  This morning I used Chris's to work out with and I loved it!  Podcasts seem like such a dreamy thing also.  I'm going to get one soon - or just hi-jack Chris's.  I just need to figure out how to download stuff without deleting everything else already there. (Because of that, Maggie won't let me touch hers)

2.  Coldplay - right?  2 years ago we were riding in the car at a family reunion and my brother asked if I knew who the band that was playing was.  Nope - but it was Coldplay.  We bought the Viva la vida on disc and lost it.  But just Saturday when we were cleaning the house, Chris played the previous album from his I-pod - I   So good.

3.  There is a fairly young, hip (do people still say that?) band that I kind of love.  As I was driving today, I remembered that they had a new album that was supposed to be released at the beginning of the year, so I came home to see if they were going on tour and maybe see if we could get tickets.  Guess what?  The album released almost a month ago.  And most of their U.S. dates, including the ones closest to us are sold out.  SOLD OUT! (Long before I ever thought of it.) Oh well, the thought of attending that concert and figuring out what to wear made me squirm a little bit.  Go to their website HERE.

4.  The fact that I just put a hyperlink in the above paragraph made me feel "hip".

There are other things (like the fact that I have said hip twice, and I'm not referring to my actualy hip.  I can't think of a better word!)...but the list is long enough.   Happy winter!  Only 40 more days till spring!