Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ashlee had her school winter concert last night. It was fun - and the perfect length. Sometimes when I see pictures of her I can't believe how big she is. She turns 8 this year - can that be right????? She had a little solo that she was pretty nervous about, but she did a great job. This night, the girls were goofing off. Maggie has her doll's hat on top of that outfit - so funny.
As a side note - is it bad to let them stay home next Tuesday and watch the inauguration? I have been really disappointed that neither one of their teachers this year have really discussed the election etc... I was thinking I would make some recipes from Cokie Roberts' book Founding Mothers - she has some recipes from Martha Washington etc... in there and we could make a day of it. Educational, right?


Sarah said...

Wow, she is getting older - 8! Wow! You have beautiful girls - all three of them!! I don't think it's bad to keep them home and let them watch the inauguration. You should do it.