Friday, November 13, 2009

Not here yet

Look at that cute girl - she makes me crazy (happy crazy and crazy crazy.) Tonight I went to the grocery store without her - Maggie is old enough to stay alone with them for short stretches - and I made it in and out in 20 minutes, and what's more, I didn't forget one single thing on my list. Not one. It was nice.
Anyway, so as to distract myself from the fact that Christopher isn't home yet, I'm going to do a few posts about lessons learned (really learning, because he isn't home yet) and things that I think will be an adjustment for us once he gets here.
Lesson #1 The last weeks are/will be the l o n g e s t. At just about every turn I think "When Christopher gets here, we will....see that movie, clean the car out(actually on the schedule for the day before he arrives so it is sparkly clean) , fix that thing, etc. I didn't do this when we had longer, but now that it's almost over, we are basically sitting on our hands, saving our money and activities till he gets home. It's making the time go by really fast, let me tell you.
Next up: the return of real food and a decent dinner start time.


sharron said...

I love you my darlings, my heart and my prayers are with you. She is the CUTEST little thing! xoMom

Sarah said...

Soon, so soon! We're so excited he's coming back (though not nearly as excited as you guys, I'm sure). I see you left a comments on my blog about preggo stuff... I actually am going to try to give you a call, see what other stuff you liked/didn't like. Sometime this week, hopefully...