Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 Things

#1 - The Tate family came to visit for Sunday dinner a couple of weeks ago. They were picking Kendall up from his mission. They are really a great family. Hope they had fun seeing Kendall and that he is adjusting well to post-mission life. #2 Maggie turned 10 - I can't believe she is in the double digits. I don't have any good pictures, but I liked the streaky flames in this one. We had a family day on Saturday to celebrate and her party with friends will be this Saturday at the pool.
#3 Tomorrow is the last day of school! Paige will be so happy to have someone around in the day time. Look at her with her puppy - this is actually a question on the developmental questionnare we filled out for her 12 month check-up. "Does your child play with dolls/stuffed animals by carrying them around?
#4 Christopher is gone again. Back to Italy, Germany & Turkey - he will hopefully be landing just in time for Maggie's party on Saturday.
#5 My neighborhood has turned into the Ghetto - on Friday night, teenagers broke into the other half of our duplex, and the neighbor across the street has decided to have friends over to hang out/drink beer/play thumping music/rev their speed bikes with until after 11:00 on several occasions.
#6 How embarrassing is it that the Air Force is about to re-do bidding for the new tanker for the 3rd time? (I have a much longer rant about this and government in general, but am restraining myself because Daniel is too busy parenting at the moment to really enjoy it.)
#7 My teeth still hurt after going to the dentist 8 days ago. The last 2 nights I have woken up in pain. I would go back, but I am out of benefits until February and have already spent thousands this year on my teeth.
#8 Ashlee hates the smell of clean sheets - whenever I wash sheets, she asks me not to wash her pillowcase because she doesn't like the smell. (I wash it anyway) So tonight she went to sleep with her pillowcase under her pillow until it smells how she likes it again (and it is time to wash it again)
#9 Today was beautiful weather - perfect weather. Mid 70's, no humidity, it was so nice, I have all of my windows open tonight, again, so nice.
#10 We have a pet rabbit - we often find him under the trampoline or in the front yard, Ashlee has even built a little nest under there for him. I hope I didn't scare him away with all the cayenne pepper I put in the flower beds - something has eaten my morning glories down to the nubs and now the trellises I put out for them to snake around look a little silly. We also have a pet tadpole that the girls have named Bubba (I didn't coach them, I promise.) I am honestly surprised that he has made it this long, and I hope he makes it to be strong enough to be set free!


Sarah said...

Cute! Yep, we did have a marvelous time seeing Kendall - and it was soo good to come and have dinner at your house! I can't believe Maggie is 10! Wow! And Paige with her stuffed animal is adorable. Tell Christopher I said hello - when he gets back from this latest mission.

MiriamR said...

Being the gardner and dealing with pests who eat plants, I am almost positive the thing eating your morning glory is the Rabbit! I am still laughing, hopefully you have realized this by now. When I did my internship in colorado rabbits favorite food was morning glory and pansies. HAHA