Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home - where my family is.

A few years ago, I visited a friend whose husband was in the Army and she had this quote displayed in her home: "I cast my lot with a soldier, and where he was, was home to me." (Francis Boyd) Too bad I can't really change it to something like "with an active duty military man" or "Air Force Member" or "Airman" (as they are correctly called). Soldier just sounds so much better. But, the sentiment is the same, even if I can't word it to fit my situation, since CAY is not a soldier. Still, he serves the same country, has taken the same oath....I digress. Where he is, really is home to me. And although, I still say I am from Colorado when asked, I'm pretty sure that Colorado doesn't feel like home to me anymore. My second home is probably where my brothers, sisters and parents - my blood - are and since most of them are in Utah now, that's what it felt like when Iwent for a visit this past weekend. My youngest brother, Andrew, got married to beautiful Carly. And in true AY fashion, I think I took 7 pictures the whole weekend. Here are a few pictures - none of them are of the happy couple. Because I didn't take any.

Sometimes I hate Blogger - I can't get it to type above the pictures. So here are the "captions" if you will.

1. Niece and Nephew waiting for departure to the wedding. They didn't want me to take the picture and covered their faces until I threatened to give them big sloppy aunt kisses in front of everyone at the wedding.

2. The flowers - Carly chose browns and white and My aunt Tina did the flowers - they were "super cool." I feel I have to put that in quotes because I'm not quite hip enough to pull it off without them.

3. My parents living room in the new - almost finished house - I still can't believe that it was presentable enough to host a dinner the night before for 30 plus people. They finished the fireplace the morning of the dinner.

4. Four wonderful women in cutesy aprons. I sure wish I could have been in that picture. Maybe next time, when I am an "after" shot for Turbo Jam or something!


Sarah said...

I love the pic of the 4 of them in the aprons. So cute!! I didn't take that many pics, either, but my dad took approximately one million, so we'll have to get him to share.