Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Few Halloween Pics

Here are some snapshots from Halloween...first a spooky dinner. On the menu:
goblin eyes
witches fingers
mummy dogs
mashed ghosts
slimy punch

Witches Lips!

Here are two girls excited to be going trick-or-treating and one who will scream until her jacket is removed. Then she will be all about the trick-or-treating.
A funny story from our night... Christopher dropped Paige back home after about 30 minutes and then took the two big girls and a neighbor out for a while longer. The weather was pretty mild so Paige and I stayed on the porch to hand out the candy. She was walking around, looking at the jack-o'lanterns and moving pumpkins from one location to another. I was sitting in a chair that was apparently hidden as you approached from one side of the house. As one family approached...the dad said..."Awww, what's the matter little fella, are you locked out?" She's eighteen months....and shes a girl. Although, I have to admit, she was wearing a boys black shirt - it's impossible to find plain colors without embellishment for girls sometimes- and she could look like a little boy I guess. But the locked out part???? I didn't get it.

On another note....if I get one more e-mail from the Obama campaign requesting money I might change my vote!!!!! Here is a link to something funny about that....


Sarah said...

That's a funny story! She doesn't even look remotely like a boy though. We posted pictures from the Blaze on our blog, so you can go check them out. We got some really good night shots.