Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paige has entered an especially cute are some new words:
sorry, shoe, go, cracker, no, hi, ball, & book. I would type how they sound, because she does not pronounce them that precisely, but I'm not that clever. Here she is climbing up on "Rose" And here she is playing with the rats and spiders (we have them to make our house scarier...per Ashlee's request) and giving me her camera face. Tonight we were watching a little TV - Chris was laying on the floor so Ashlee brought him a couple of pillows. A few seconds later, Paige brought him a pillow too and planted a big smooch right on him. That was the first time she has given a kiss without us coaching her. Of course it was for him. She also says Dada all the time, still no Mama. She's just so fun...