Sunday, October 12, 2008


Guess who is coming home this week (maybe) ?
This is an old picture from Paige's birthday. The picture I really wanted to post was one that Maggie found of him on my cell phone, but I can't find the wire to connect it to the computer... She showed it to me while we were driving and I laughed and laughed. In it he is making some goofy face - and as I looked at it, it seems like it was on the way home from Stake Conference - last year I guess and he is probably fake crying/whining about something. It made me miss him so much - he can almost always get me to laugh, even when I am really mad at him or some other thing. I can't wait for him to be home. So, in honor of him being home in seven days, here are seven things about him...
1. He hates feet...he won't wear sandals in public...and no matter how much I beg for a foot rub, he won't touch them. I stopped asking years ago.
2. He thinks that he can load the dishwasher better than you. And by you I mean anyone else on the planet.
3. In the summer he will go outside just to watch the sprinkler - if it has any kind of mechanism. I often think it's such a good thing that they don't make dishwashers with clear glass fronts - he could waste a lot of time watching the water cycle through. He might even try to scientifically prove his theory about supreme dishwasher loading skills.
4. He is really good at playing make believe games with the girls.
5. He has a really difficult time throwing things away. In the garage there are papers (tests, quizzes, HOMEWORK, etc..) to document every year of his college experience.
6. Justin Timberlake is on his I-Pod - he claims not to know for sure how it got there, but there it is. Weird....
7. He is coming home in 7 days - although for my sake, I hope it is in 5 - I foolishly booked a hotel through priceline (non-refundable, but real cheap) for Saturday Night (the day after he is supposed to be home, but you know, AF plans change all the time and AF planes break all the time) because I want to go here!
And, even with all those silly things, he is really the best, best, best, best and we are all very anxious to see him SOON.


Sarah said...

YEA! I can attest to that dishwasher thing :) I'm glad he'll be home soon. That Halloween thing looks awesome! Maybe we'll go down, too!

Sarah said...

So we're thinking we're going to go to the Blaze, just like you guys, only we're going on Halloween day. Are you guys going this weekend? I'll email you and you let me know if it was cool or not.