Thursday, October 16, 2008

Liberty Science Center

On Monday, we headed north to go to the Liberty Science Center - I am a little embarrassed that we have been here for over 3 years and haven't made it there yet. We tend to go south rather than north... here is a view of part of NYC from the observation deck. We were just across the Hudson River. It's still pretty green - but the leaves are turning more and more. Here is Maggie looking through one of those magnifying things on the deck with the Statue of Liberty behind her.
I love this girl....
One of their exhibits was called sky scrapers - super cool. They had two pieces of the World Trade Center on display. This is a beam that was in one of the buildings - completely bent in half.
In other news, we are giddy with anticipation to have our Papa Bear home again - latest word is Friday night!!!! Maggie woke up singing "Daddy's coming home tomorrow, doo da, doo da" And Ashlee spent her time before school this morning making him a card and a poster. I suggested a girls weekend (Me and the two older girls) for Andrew's wedding, Maggie was all for it, but Ashlee stoutly refuses to leave her daddy home alone.


Mable said...

What happened to the picture of Ashlee? I am going to post that picture of Paige on my computer. She is so cute - I love that face.

Sarah said...

Cory & I went there one of the times we were down in NYC. It's lots of fun (even for us childless people!) The displays they have are awesome. Glad you could go. Those pics of your girls are so cute! I'm researching the pumpkin blaze thing (thanks for the email; I'm going to write you back soon)