Saturday, October 4, 2008

She Says Mama!

If you know me well, you know that sometimes I can work myself into a dither worrying about my kids - not usually about the big picture, but about some little thing that I think that they should or should not be doing. The development questionnaires that you are required to fill out at well-baby check ups only make this tendency stronger. I have been waiting, wondering, worrying about the day that Paige will say "mama" and mean it and the other day, she finally, finally, did!!!!!!!!!

Just not to me.... to the baby doll...which she calls baby when she's not holding it. This baby doll laughs, sighs, makes sucking and sleeping noises, cries and says mama! As Paige was holding it the other day, the baby laughed and said "mama" to which Paige replied "mama." And now when she picks the baby up, she almost always says, "mama" ... but still not to me or even about me. I'll forgive her one day.

And, on a completely unrelated note, we finally found a chore system I can work with. I saw this on some random blog this summer. Each stick has one job - the girls have to do 2 jobs every day after school, weekends free. I love it and they love it! I'm just not a chart kind of girl. At the end of the week, we put all the sticks back in and start over.

And speaking of blog - stalking. This week, I came across a blog that talked about doing a photo class where students took pictures for a "Week in the Life" project - everyday pictures that chronicled what their everyday life was like for a week. This idea is so appealing to me that I am going to do it next week and if I like it, I'll plan on doing one every few months. That's what I want to remember, (along with big things like trips, birthdays, etc...) how my life looked and felt everyday. The park where we go to play while the girls are in piano, sleepy mornings, homework, etc... I think the thing that appeals the most, is it's so obvious how to document it. One week - one album of those pictures and explanations. Anyway... I am looking forward to it.


Mable said...

Allison, these pictures are too cute! I am very excited to have you document a week in the life of your family. I love seeing the pictures of the girls and can't get enough. I miss you guys!

Sarah said...

Oooh I'm excited to see the week's pictures of life for your family!! All your pics are so cute!

cat said...

um...hi allison, how did i not know that you had a blog? i am SO loving seeing pictures of your girls. they are beautiful!
i am excited to stay more in contact with you guys. we love you and were sorry we couldn't make it out to denver to see you.
i am going to be checking back often now i know!:)