Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just What I needed

I look forward to General Conference every year - it is such a renewing experience if I prepare correctly. Some years I prepare better than others....Today, we decided to stay home to watch, and I have to say that I got so much more out of both sessions than I could have hoped by going to the church. I used to insist that I would bring my kids to all 4 sessions at a church if we lived in a place where they broadcast it in a building. Once again, I am eating my words. I am going to go tomorrow for one of the sessions, since it's Sunday. But, today home was just the ticket. I was struck by so many talks, but Elder Neil Anderson's was just what I needed... I am so thankful that I was able to listen, really listen to it. Anyway, I was looking for a youtube snippet of the children's choir that sang today. That's one more reason that I believe in a God of miracles...getting all those wiggly kids to sit still for 2 hours of conference and sing so beautifully. I wonder if they smuggled in word searches and bingo papers etc... for those children?

Here are some pictures:

#1 This one we'll call "who me? what? What candy? What are you talking about?"

Seconds earlier there had been a definite candy bar size lump in her cheek.

#2 "Mom, can we play make-up? It's hard to see Paige's face, but she had blush smeared all down her nose and cheeks. She follows her sisters around almost every minute they are home.

#3 "Bah bye" Picture, if you will, Ashlee getting ready to walk out the door. Paige goes running and finds Ash's lunch box, picks it up, slides it down her arm to hang on her elbow, starts walking away and saying "bah-bye" to mom as she tries to leave with her sister. It is very cute, even if I am the mom. Look at that earnest face.Also, frequently when I get the camera out, Paige makes this face. I'm sorry, but I just can't get enough!