Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If I were a baby

Paige has reached an all new level of busy (read: messy) and it can be really frustrating. She and I just don't agree on the level of messy allowable in the house. Following are some examples. I think it's ok to have two boxes of papers piled on the far side of my bed, waiting to be sorted and shredded. She thinks it's ok to empty any box of its contents - tissue boxes, toy boxes, cereal boxes, juice boxes etc.. I think that dishes should be put in the dishwasher when dirty and in the cupboards when clean. She thinks dishes should be on the floor - dirty or clean. I think when you are moving from one activity to the next, you should put the first activity away (or just on the counter next to the fridge if you are planning on coming back to it in the next week and you answer to the name mom) before moving on. She thinks that finding something more interesting calls for immediately dropping current activity/food item on the floor where you are and leaving it there. I think laundry should wait in the dryer until it can be folded and put away. She thinks that it is fun to drag articles of clothing all over the house, clean or dirty. She also thinks that if you should happen to leave a drawer open, it must mean that you are hoping she will come along and empty it for you. (for the record, I NEVER, leave my drawers open, it's ALWAYS her older sisters.) I think that credit cards, drivers licenses, money, receipts etc... all belong in a wallet. She thinks that a wallet is perhaps one of the best toys ever invented - this is especially fun at the store when I am trying to pay for something or when I can't find my i.d./drivers license and have already left base. I think personal hygiene is important and shower everyday. She sort of agrees with me on this one, but sometimes she thinks it is faster to wash her clothes and her hair at the same time.

See what I mean? We just don't agree....good thing she's cute!


Sarah said...

Ha ha ha - yes, it's a very good thing she's so cute!! I miss all you guys! I think we'll have to find a time we can come down and visit again. Those pictures of Ashley playing soccer are awesome. I can totally hear her in my head, talking about the "big kicks" So cute!!