Friday, September 12, 2008

Missing My Girls

So, the girlies had their first day of school this week. I don't have any pictures because our camera is (once again) acting up. But hopefully that will be remedied soon. They both enjoyed the week - they are in different schools this year. Maggie attends an "Upper Elementary" (5th and 6th grade) She feels so grown up. We had a few concerns about the school and I'm not sure they have all been resolved, but what can I say? I'm hoping we are moving soon (to be honest) and at this point our only choices are to move off base or pay for private, which, cost issues aside, I'm not sure that I can do. Public Education is one of my dearly held political beliefs. Ashlee is at the school they have gone to since we moved and is enjoying it, as I knew she would. But, I am missing them... and so is Paige, she gets a little bored with me.

Pictures are coming soon!