Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, Ashlee has started soccer. I have to admit, as a former soccer kid myself, I really love it. If I was in better shape, I would volunteer to coach. Here she is, number six, she loves it and is really animated on the field. For instance, in this game, on a couple of their teams kick-offs, she did a wind-up yell. "Hheeeeeyyyyyy", until it was kicked. So funny, and so not like her parents.
Ashlee is a fan of the "big kick." Why? It's more dramatic and more fun! For the first couple of games, even if she was put up in front, she would inevitably fall back and play a "sweeper" type role (if they were playing at that level of soccer sophistication, which they are not) so that she could get a "big kick" up field. She's asked a couple of times "Did you see that really big kick that went over people's heads?"
Here is what Maggie does during the games. Pictures of herself, any friends or acquaintances that happen to be in the area, Paige and me...