Monday, September 15, 2008

New Camera

We got a new camera, just a point and shoot, but the other one ruined two memory cards and stopped saving images. So, here are some Sunday pictures of the girls. Paige got a new dress, and I love her in it. We had a rough post-church experience which ended in me threatening the girls that they would be "grounded for a month" - yes, I did say it just like that too - if Paige fell asleep on the way home. Neither one of them has ever been grounded - they have lost priveleges, but they haven't been grounded. But they must have thought that I meant business, because Paige was sooooooo tired and trying so hard to fall asleep, but they did it! Still, what if she would have fallen asleep? It was a completely empty threat because how do you ground a kid for a month and because I don't really consider it their duty to do things like keep the baby awake!