Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to NOT get a good's night rest and other stuff

It seemed like a fun idea - a backyard camp out. The weather in NJ is finally suitable to such an activity - the temperature is getting comfortably cool during the night. So, on Monday, we went to the movies and came home and put up the tent.
But, where should everyone sleep?
Paige alone in the house while the three of us slept in the tent...
Maggie and Ashlee alone in the tent, Paige in her bed, Mom on the couch by the open window in case the girls should need anything...
All four of us in the tent...
At 8:30, Paige went to bed in her crib, at 9:00 I went out to the tent with the girls to read to them until they fell asleep. Ashlee was asleep in 15 minutes. Maggie was having a harder time, much harder. At 9:50 I was headed back inside to collect some more sleeping paraphernalia and one sleeping baby. By 10:30 we were all tucked in and sleeping soundly - in the tent.
Several hours later, in what I assumed was the early morning, I was awakened by cute baby noises. Both girls were still asleep. I laid baby Paige on top of me and rubbed her back and willed her back to sleep, thinking we could all use a little more shut eye. But, she was awake and she wanted to play, so I played (ever so sleepily) stuffed animals with her.
20 minutes later Maggie says "Mom, Paige is awake"
10 Minutes later, Ashlee says "good morning"
The birds were chirping, there was dew all over the tent, surely it was morning. Darn that porch light, so bright, so deceptive.
5 minutes go by: "Mom, what time is it?" "I don't know, probably 6, 6:30"
Maggie gets up to check her watch - smart child, I didn't bring one to the great outdoors.
"Mom, It's almost 5 in the morning." No, surely that can't be right, grab the watch and check. Nope, not almost 5, almost 4 in the morning! We then spent about 15 minutes trying to get everyone back to sleep - no luck. Inside to give the baby a bottle and put her to bed. Sleeping in the tent has lost its appeal to the older girls too, who come traipsing in with all their pillows and stuffed animals. By 4:45 Maggie was watching a movie in her room (because she couldn't sleep) Paige was in her crib and Ashlee and I were on the couch. I was saying a little prayer for children who would sleep in. We will wait for CAY before making another attempt.

And, Paige's new game is called, "Watch mom come running"

Here's how it goes: climb up on to some object, sometimes the high chair, sometimes the coffee table, sometimes the bench in the living room, next: try to climb higher, next: yell for someone to come help, next: begin to step off. Someone will be right with you!

Look at all those teeth. I think she is getting every single last tooth in right now!


Mable said...

Your posts make me laugh out loud. I love them. I love the personalities your girls have and I love your stories. They are priceless.

Sarah said...

Yep, I agree with Mable. The personalities of your girls is priceless. You're such a good example of an awesome mom.