Monday, September 15, 2008

some morning snapshots

This morning, Paige got bored eating breakfast,
had fun dumping her milk on the floor until she tried to walk in it..
cried until someone picked her up and loved her and put her feet
in the kitchen sink to get washed up. Then she helped with the dishes - by playing in the water while the dishwasher was loaded without any interruptions from baby monkeys!

Another thing I want to remember about having these these girls... all the little houses etc... they set up around the house. Today, after Ashlee had gone to school, I found this. I'm sure it's part of some game and she probably even sang a song or two while she played. Sometimes I don't tune into what they are doing enough. On the chair by this book shelf was the napkin holder from the kitchen table with a carefully folded cloth napkin laying in it. A bed for a tiny sheep that was resting on top. Maybe he visited the little house above him?


Sarah said...

She's such a good helper :) I'm glad you got a new camera so I can see pictures of all your girls. That dress is adorable on her!