Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't Sleep

Because it's 1:00 (am), because I watched "Evening" tonight, and I am still a little bit teary (it's been over for an hour at least), because Maggie is spending the night at a friend's, because I have so much angst about school starting soon (too soon), because the thought of going to bed and hoping I fall asleep gives me anxiety, because I'm sure CAY is checking this thing all the time hoping for a new post, I thought I would put up a few pics...sound fun?
Yesterday, while Maggie was at a friend's and Ashlee was busy doing this,
and this with the neighbors,
Paige was keeping busy...making a few calls Getting a drink of water...taking care of business.

We went to the pool today and froze our tushies off and wished that they hadn't closed the pool with much more shallow water to play in, but had fun anyway because there was a treat at the end and kids don't seem to notice being so cold that their lips turn blue. I want to go to the shore one more time before it is too cold, but I can't bear (especially tonight...more tears as I type) the thought of going without him...
He knows how to play all the fun games and keep everyone happy and plus he carries all the heavy stuff and helps put up the beach tent. I can't play "pretend the town is getting flooded" with Maggie for nearly an hour and yell at the fake town people to dig like crazy because the wall has been "breached" and we should all "dig, dig, dig" Oh, man I miss him! I am in a funk - one whole month of fun, busy vacation, and then coming home in time to say good bye to CAY has not been good to me. Good night - sleep well.


Sarah said...

Oh those pictures are cute! I bet you miss Chris like crazy! I wish I could come down and go to the shore one more time with you guys! We have so much fun when we visit you!!