Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, this morning, as I was waking up, getting dressed, making my bed etc... and the girls were playing in the other room (Ashlee got Paige out of bed today, nobody had come to see me yet) I could hear the neighbors through the walls... (we live in base housing, and the walls are thin). They were not having a very happy morning at their house...lots of "5 ****** more minutes, I'm tired of being woken up with one ***** kid on my head and the other on my leg, they don't do that to you...5 ****** more minutes." It was ugly, at least what I could hear, the kids crying, the husband's muffled responses. Did I mention that we are still adjusting to the 2 hour time switch and this was at 8:30 - not exactly the wee early hours.
At first I was full of judgement, but then I realized I have come close to sounding like that myself...when I have been tired, worn out, or just plain mad that I couldn't get something done when and how I would like without being interrupted. And, had it not been for the gospel, and a mother who set an excellent example for me, I would probably sound just like that, maybe even worse. I remember confessing my temper to Christopher before we were married...I loved him and wanted to be his wife, but I felt like I had to give him fair warning. I sometimes wonder if my kids would have chosen me if given the opportunity. I am much better than when I was younger...but every once in a while that anger bubbles dangerously close to the surface. Today, I strengthened my resolve once again to be a good example in ALL areas to these three precious girls
After all, nobody deserves to have a complete whack job for a mother, right? There is enough uncertainty in being young without wondering when the next time a parent is going to blow their gasket. I remember reading in a parenting book about anger"When a child, is out of control, the child is out of control; when a parent is out of control, the whole family is out of control." AMEN
The following picture was taken by Ashlee... we have four tiny bunnies growing up in our yard. The momma must be coming during the night, because we have only seen her two times but the babies are thriving. They haven't ventured out of their nest yet, and the girls (Ashlee mostly) check on them 5-10 times a day. The bunnies are in a shallow hole, buried under grass, and the girls lift it up to look in.
I wonder if momma bunnies ever completely lose it with their little babies?


Sarah said...

Every time we have come down to visit you guys, I am constantly amazed at how great of a mother you are. Seriously - I think you are doing a marvelous job! Those girls are just so special. The bunny picture is cute - we have bunnies that live under our deck, but they only come out at night.