Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympics et. al

Because I can't seem to do anything after 8:00 pm than put kids to bed and watch the Olympics for hours, I thought I would post the top 10 things for me about them....(not all good)

#10 - Time difference - except for those rare moments we see live, I can look up the results online and know what to expect. This works better for me. When Michael Phelps and team swam in the relay for his 8th gold medal, I had to leave the room.

#9 - New words/bad English "A 'Phelpsian' attempt" - I'm pretty sure whoever said it had just made it up. "Not allot of analization..." (Analysis??) The other night when they were talking about the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, they must have used the word cocky 5 bazillion times.

#8 - Awful commentators/interviewers, not all of them, but many "This is a disaster of epic proportions.." etc.. etc...

#7 - Kinesio (sp?) tape - I wonder if that stuff works...

#6 - Michael Phelps, I know it's what a lot of people say, but it was captivating.

#5 - Incredibly skimpy "uniforms." Women's beach volleyball is almost embarrassing, those bikinis are so small. - Maggie asked the other night "If I go to the Olympics, what would I wear?" Amen, sister.

#4 - Underage Chinese gymnasts. If some of those girls are 16, then I am at my ideal body weight.

#3 - Laying around watching TV for hours at night and not feeling guilty, because it's the Olympics.

#2 - The women's marathon - I got a little teary at the end for no good reason.

#1 - Watching athletes win who maybe didn't expect to win - those are the best moments.

In other goings on:
Maggie just finished listening to the last of the Harry Potter series. She has loved them so much. At first I made her follow along in the books, but for the last 4, she has just listened. Notice she has two CD players in her room - this is so she can have the next disc ready when the one she is listening to ends. She was a little sad to be finished with the series - just like her mom. We want more!

I successfully tamed our tomatoes out front. They grew like crazy while we were gone. Unfortunately so did the Morning glory, choking everything in it's path. It looked like a jungle out there.

And Ashlee had her first soccer practice tonight! She had a great time and is looking forward to a fun season. (See the poor baby banging on the door to get out?) I don't know why I didn't take this picture so she wasn't looking directly into the evening sun...


Sarah said...

Ha ha - agreed about everything you said! Those Chinese gymnasts are NOT 16. Stupid Chinese cheaters! And actually, Cory had a whole class on kinesio taping, and it actually does work. There - a useless fact for the day. I'm loving your daily posts.