Thursday, January 21, 2010


Does she look like she could melt a hole in your head?  Because she can...

Here's a rundown of breakfast at our house this morning:
Paige, after being offered milk, her usual preference:  (Screaming) "I said a juice box," throwing herself onto the counter,all woe and misery.  For the record, she never said anything about a juice box, just came into the kitchen and sat down, ready to eat.  Me, ignoring the tantrum, juice box delivered, "What would you like for breakfast?"  Blank stare.  "Pancakes?" More staring.  "Oatmeal?" More staring.  "Cereal?"  More staring.  "Eggs?"  Yelling "I want popcorn!  I. don't. like. that. cereal!"
So, for breakfast she had: A juice box (the flavored water kind - is that bad?  Don't answer)  Popcorn (that she WILL NOT share).  And cereal (I'm not saying what kind - it has sugar as the second ingredient).   I'm not going to go into what happened when I was helping her get dressed, but it's worth noting that she was out of her favorite dresses and the leggings were "too dark."

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me from yelling at her is repeating these words over and over in my head "she's two, she's two..."  Not that we aren't trying to teach her to use her words, to speak politely, that the world doesn't revolve around her.  But, she's two.  And it won't last forever.  And it helps that Chris is home now and he always helps me see the humor. And she's cute, and we love her to pieces.


MiriamR said...

oh man. Eva is already starting her terrible two's and Alexander still has them. I ask him if he wants milk in the mornings "NO SODA" um I don't think so so i give him milk then "THATS THE WRONG CUP" I am not as good as you at the not yelling part, I usually don't but when its been 10 minutes of tantrum um yeah :( they do pop corn for breakfast sometimes too so don't feel bad oh the joys of toddlers :)

sharron said...

She is the cutest little girl and her look in this picture melts hearts! I remember a certain boy of mine who would want "warm (orange) juice" about two times every night. They are the sweetest of memories now. Love, Mom xo

Sarah said...

Haha, she does look like she could burn a hole in your head! Still adorable though. Can't wait to have a toddler... not! :)