Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm just experimenting with picture sizes.

This little girl woke up sick @3:00 am on Sunday - so far 4 of us have gotten it.  I hope we are all close enough together on the sick-time continuum that it doesn't cycle through again. 
Those cookies are her favorite (the rest of us love them too.)

On an unrelated note - last week Maggie and I went to our local chain hair cutting store for updates.  (If you live in Utah, go to Heather's girl -worth every penny).  I think my girl maybe used to not be a girl.  Here's why - have you seen Star Trek?  The new movie?  You know that scene where James Kirk has an allergice reaction to the shots his friend is randomly injecting into him and his hands get really big?  Well,  when we watched that movie this week,we watched that 20 seconds of the movie 4 times - just so Chris could have a visual of what my hairdresser's hands looked like.  Not kidding - Mr. Kirk's were a little bit larger,but it was the same idea.   I keep wondering if that meant anything or if I was just being judgemental, or maybe just mental.  Maybe I'll take Ashlee back to verify.  I didn't get that movie - even if they went through the wormhole how, HOW, How are there 2 Spocks?  It's still bugging me.  Have a good Friday.


Sarah said...

Such a cute picture!! Sorry you're all sick though... hopefully it will go away and you'll all get better. I love love love Star Trek - in my opinion, best movie of the year! But yeah, I had to have Cory explain the whole time warp/alternate reality theory. Maybe watch it again... it makes more sense the 2nd time through.

And your hairdresser has man-hands! Lol! I think you should take Ashlee back for a second opinion - and then post what she says on the blog.

MiriamR said...

ha ha! Oh my kids both got sick for 24 hours each too :( I hope yours a better. I love star trek but the time travel things never bother me, I figure its all fake so I don't care, but Daniel didn't like the two spocks either he is very specific about his time travel.

sharron said...

Paige looks darling - beautiful hair! Hair is a tricky thing when it comes to who is cutting it. I'm still looking for that favorite stylist since my friend, Leah retired. I haven't seen Star Trek, so can't comment. Love to all, Mom xo