Friday, March 19, 2010

72 Degrees

It is supposed to get up to 72 degrees today. . . . I want to pack us all up and take us "down the shore..."  I know it's not summer yet, but if it was, I would have some things done.  Things like - packing up the house, helping C. finish his master's course, going through and cleaning out and getting rid of lots of stuff before we pack up.
Oh, I am goind to miss the shore  and we are going to go lots of times before we leave.  I promise.  We will soak up the sun and the salt water, we will walk on the boardwalk, we will eat water ice,  and we will be so glad that we got to live in "The Garden State."


sharron said...

Hi to my dear Jersey sweethearts! What a great treat to see these pictures. Today we have had one of our spring blizzards - 28 degrees! It is letting up now and will end tonight they say. Two days ago it was 72 degrees! I am so glad I got to play in the surf at the shore with all of you. I love you, Mom xo P.S. FYI, I talked to a friend at work that used to live in Sacramento and she said Fairfield is a very nice area and very close to Travis AFB.