Monday, April 5, 2010

An Easter Picture

Our girls on Easter Sunday - Chris was in charge of taking a picture while I got dinner ready in between sessions of conference, this is the best of 2. 
We are having GORGEOUS weather after what felt like weeks of snow and weeks of rain.  I love these girls.  With all my heart and then some, probably.  I was so glad to listen to General Conference - it always helps me see things better, more for what they are and less for what I wish they were or imagine them to be (in both good ways and bad.)

Things that I noticed in this picture:
Paige's feet are getting much too big - that means that the rest of her is getting much too big, darn her.  Darn time that is speeding along whether I am ready for it to or not.
Ashlee's hair is getting really long.  She continues to be in constant motion. which is why it's hard to get a good picture of her. I'm sure that she is either mid-laugh or mid-joke or mid-dance move here.   We were in line at a store today and music was playing and she was dancing, she can't help herself and most times I love it.
Maggie is the only one posing - it looks like Paige is pouting.  I asked them when they came in if they got a good picture.  Maggie said "No, but we got a picture."  She is going to a baby-sitting class tomorrow.  She is excited to be getting more responsibility.  She has also started talking with friends on the phone, just to talk, not to make plans or coordinate things. 

We are on spring break this week.  We have hopes to travel somewhere at the end of the week.  Our list of places to visit/things to do is getting smaller, we are running out of time. 


sharron said...

Hi Sweethearts! It is a darling picture!!! They are beautiful. Time flies it seems whether we like it or not Always remember to do the important things - like spending time with each other making promises, dreaming dreams,laughing and having fun! I love you, Mom xoxoxoxoxo