Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ashlee's Birthday, other things

She's 7 - I can't believe how fast the time goes. As I type this, I am getting a little bit of that mommy angst. I want to go back and remember better and enjoy more of the time I have with them. But, I can't. So, I will do better at enjoying them and being with them now. She had a good birthday. These two pictures are of the party we had at the house, here she is completing the obstacle course. We had 9 girls total (counting our 2 - 10 if you count Paige) Christopher said it was like herding cats. But I think all the girls had fun and Ashlee enjoyed her day.

This is during the scavenger hunt - they took this game very seriously and I was glad no-one got injured as they raced from clue to clue.

Here are Maggie and Paige playing - Paige is in heaven playing the piano with her sister - look at that cheesy grin!
And, finally, the caterpillar circus - that pile of stuff in the neighbor's yard may look like a big mess to you, but don't be fooled. This is the beginnings of a caterpillar circus. Maggie and friends made flyers announcing the big event and put them on mailboxes around the neighborhood (you should have seen Ashlee's face when they shared that piece of information with her). The big day will be 31 May 2008, cost $1 per person (family and friends will be free). That day, only one trick was taught to the caterpillars, and I am sad to report that interest in training waned early - only one afternoon. Sadly, all of the participants have since died - the performance is in question....stay tuned.