Friday, May 30, 2008

If you come to my house at any other time than right after Paige has gone down for a nap, or after she has gone to bed, then you will find my dishes in the sink - rinsed and ready for the dishwasher (usually) but not there yet.... and here is why!

No matter how engrossed she is in whatever she is doing, when she hears the dishwasher open , she comes as fast as those cute, little, round legs can move.

It's just better to leave it closed until she is sleeping. So, don't judge me because lately the dishes stay out of the dishwasher for extended periods of time waiting until Paige is soundly sleeping.

I don't know why I can't take a good picture of all three of these girls, but I can't. (This is the best of four that I took tonight). Their school was having a fundraiser tonight for one of the Moms who is walking in the Breast Cancer 3-day in Philly in the fall. It was a hoe-down. So we dressed in our best western outfits and tore it up. You should have seen Maggie and Ashlee on the dance floor - I wish I had taken my camera. They were having a great time!!! Maggie knows several line dances that I don't know - one called superhero or superman or something like that, she also can do the Cotton-Eye Joe and parts of the electric slide - hearing that took me back to high school or maybe even earlier, I can't remember. So fun! I think her favorite one was the one that has a little bit of cha cha and hand clapping - you know, "slide to the right...., slide to the left.... everybody clap your hands...."

Christopher - I don't know if you ever check this while you are gone, but we miss you and hope that you are safe and getting your papers done!


MiriamR said...

These are really cute pictures. Your daughters make cute cowgirls. Oh by the way if I leave any comments on your page I promise to leave my name, other wise if they are rude and snotty comments just make sure you know daniel did it and he thinkgs its hilarious and so will you or something like that.
Love you guys,

Sarah said...

I agree with Miraim - the pictures are adorable! The one of Paige standing on the dishwasher is hilarious! I know my mom emailed you about coming out to say hi to you guys when we are in Philly, so I hope we get to come and see you!!!