Sunday, May 25, 2008

Christopher left tonight on a 10-day trip. He has been in training for the last 2 months or so for an upgrade to instructor, so he has been HOME! But, the squadron is really hopping now and we probably won't see much of him until it is time to head west for the Reeves Reunion and family visiting. He has nearly 30 (28) days of use or lose leave, plus about 25 more just regular ol' leave days that don't expire at the end of the year - and guess what? He can only take 2 weeks off (he had requested 28 days). So, in order to use the rest of his leave before September ( the fiscal year ends in October and he deploys the first part of Sep) the powers that be suggested that he take his days off on the weekend.
I know, I had to ask him twice too. "So you mean that on the weekends, days that unless you are flying or are in the simulator, you would normally have off, you will have to use your leave time then?" I think I asked something like that. And, yep, that's what they want him to do.

Anyway, here is a picture of his plane, I think that they are dragging some fighters somewhere during some part of their trip, just like in the picture. It seems like I remember a part of a conversation he had with one of the other pilots - 16 airplanes or something like that. So, it feels almost inevitable with that many planes at least one will have a maintenance issue and they will be delayed. But, we'll keep our fingers crossed that everything will go as planned.
He will be all over the world and we will be trying to tackle a few projects before he gets back - fixing Paige's and possibly the girls rooms up. A trip to Ikea to get the high chair that fits underneath our kitchen table and maybe a few other things. Just 4 more weeks of school for the girls - I am ready for them to be done now.

Here is the cute dad helping Maggie wtih her math one night - he is really good at that job. Just one of the many, many, reasons we miss him when he is gone.