Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Field Trip, FHE

Ashlee is on a field trip today. She was a little bit anxious about the whole thing...when Christopher asked her last night where they were going she said "I don't know, but one thing's for sure I'm going to be eating my lunch on the bus. And I am taking a lunchable and mom is sending me with a brownie." She may not know where they are going or what they are going to be doing...but she's got the menu down - the one thing she has contol of. (They are going to see a play at the state theatre in New Brunswick) I hope she has a great time.

On another note:

At Stake Conference on Sunday, one of the speakers was talking about missionary work - He was an excellent speaker and he really held Maggie's attention. One person he mentioned from the Book of Mormon was Pahoran (rebuked by Moroni unjustly) and suggested we look it up when we got home. We talked about it a little on Sunday and then decided to have Family Home Evening last night about Pahoran and Moroni. As we were wrapping things up, Christopher spoke about the need to be patient with each other and I said we should always give others the benefit of the doubt and respond kindly to others even if they speak harshly with us. Now on to dessert! We were going to watch a 15 minute video about Captain Moroni while eating our brownies...so I get the video out, start to queue it up and then decide to be in charge of brownies (just a tiny bit of micro-managing:) )while Christopher is getting said video ready... I put the case (important so that we know where to start the video) next to the TV, and walked into the kitchen. He can't find the video and is talking loudly -not yelling, but in a clearly exasperated voice - from the next room "What did you do with the cover? ....I can't find it.... Where is it?.. What segment did you say you want to watch?... My responses were something like:well it's not in here with me, look for it....etc...- culminating in muttering "he makes me so mad sometimes" while I was placing the brownies on my children's plates!

So, at least we tried....maybe next week we will talk about not hitting each other and then immediately after the lesson begin pummeling one another....Or we can discuss reading in the scriptures and then turn on the tv right after the lesson and put our scriptures on the top shelf of the bookshelf! I wonder what the kids will remember?