Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funny Girls

Paige has a new toy...I can't decide if it will help her walk or hinder, but she has taken to pushing the kitchen chairs around so we thought she would like this. So far, not so much. It goes a little too fast for her so she usually pushes it for a few feet and then sits down and crawls away from/around it. Still, she will probably be walking soon- maybe in time for her birthday.

Today, I could have been a little more attentive: Exhibit A: chocolate millk mix high! I was on the phone, daddy was away and big sisters were in the bedroom glued to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD:

Hmm.... I think I'll just take a look at my favorite
corner cupboard and see if I can find any of my favorite cherry puffs. What is this big yellow can? I wonder if the lid comes off...?

Does she look a little bit like she might have a little bit of a chocolate hangover? I hope she didn't breathe too much of all that powder into her nose.

Exhibit B: Makeup bag left on bathroom counter = fun for a little girl. Normally they just put the makeup on their dolls...she came out of the bathroom and said "Mom, I just wanted to spook you a little so look what I did." As a side note, when we were in DC last weekend, we were leaving our hotel to go to church and Maggie seemed to be lingering in the room..."I'll come down with mom" (I'm always the last one ready- some things never change) she says a little too casually. So I finish up in the bathroom and come out to find Maggie in front of the mirror with a makeup brush in hand, which led to this exchange: "What are you doing, Maggie?" "I need a little powder because I have bags under my eyes." (We had been outside the whole day before and she always catches the sun right on the tippy top of her cheek bones)

Is anyone else spooked?

I will post some pictures of Grandma Honey's visit soon, the girls had lots of fun with her.


Sarah said...

What a mess! But still ... you have such cute girls!!!! I feel like it's been too long since we last saw you ... we'll have to see if we can figure out a weekend to come down and say hi.