Friday, April 25, 2008

How did she do that?

So, the other day I was: folding/putting away laundry and as it was almost time for Paige to nap, I thought I would giver her a mid-day bath. On my way to her room with some clothes, I stopped to start the bath water - I did not shut the bathroom door. I heard Paige crawl into the bathroom, but didn't think much of it because she is still pretty short and I was sure that she couldn't fall in. I was mid-way through re-stacking her blankets when I heard thud, splash, cry. When I got into the bathroom, there she was, sitting in the corner of the tub, utterly confused.

She loves a bath and was MAD, MAD, MAD, when I took her out to take her clothes off.

(These pictures are not of the actual first time she fell in - I did go running right in and only got the camera when she was not about to drown! But, I had to re-create a little bit)


Sarah said...

What a cute story! Glad she's okay ... sounds like you have a little adventurer!