Monday, June 1, 2009


Chris finally left last Wednesday...he was about a week and a half past the date we originally thought he would leave. I say finally only because we were on pins and needles for about a week, thinking every day would be the day we would have to say goodbye - and we want him to be back in time for Christmas! These hearts I made for him when he was in pilot training to wear when he flies, after Paige was born every once in a while I would think "Oh yeah, I need to make a new one." On the day he was leaving, I finally did, he even got a new ribbon. They go with him in his uniform every day, even on days that he's flying a desk.Here he is just before we said goodbye - everyone's eyes are a little bit puffy, even Paige looks a little sad, mostly because we made her stop running all around and climbing on things. She was standing on "rose" (our bench) today, calling out the window "Dad, whereareyou? Dada....!" Too cute that girl!
I have to admit that it was pretty sad to say goodbye. I thought the girls might be up all night crying. We stayed in a hotel on base that night and then drove home the next morning...I was worried I would fall asleep with everyone sleeping in the car at 11:30 at night, and it was about 2 hours. But, I think it helped us all to be away from home that first night. I can't explain why, it just did.
He called Sunday morning to say that he had made it - (after somebody asked him if he had called home yet, and then told him to stop what he was doing and go call - I'm glad someone's looking out for us.) It sounds like he will be really busy - especially the first few weeks. If anyone reads this and would like his address, e-mail me and I'll send it to you.


Sarah said...

Aaaaaah sad! Everyone looks sad in that picture. I would have totally bawled my eyes out. If you need anything, just call :)

sharron said...

Thank you my dear sweethearts for the tender words and pictures. They are a precious treasure to me. I love all of you so much. I received Maggie's lovely letter today, thank you for the birthday suggestions. Next Sunday will be your special day! xoxoxoxoxMom/Grandma Honey