Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's a quick update: Maggie chopped her hair and she loves, loves, loves it. And is it just me, or does she look super grown-up? Ashlee is mastering flips on the trampoline.
For about a week, the first thing Paige said when she woke up was "Cinerella, pwease mom, Cinerrella, pwease?" When I would say yes, we can put your Cinderella dress on, she would say "yippee!", which I can't get enough of. She says that or something similar almost every time she gets a yes answer. Also, her new word is "awesome." She said it last week about something, and I sort of thought it was a fluke, but last night when we were filling up the bathtub, she kept saying it over and over.
Love these girls.
CAY update: I spoke with him yesterday on the phone. He has flown the plane a couple of times, he says it's warm/hot, but very dry. He says their living quarters are still super crowded (and smelly - I asked) and he keeps his things at the squadron because there is no room in the room. He has internet - they have to pay $100 extra a month to get wi-fi in their rooms - per person!!! - but again, no room so I don't know how often he will get online for the next couple of weeks. And, he said that he was the only one who hasn't received a package yet. Sometimes he teases and then we move on to other things before I find out if he is telling the truth, so I'm not sure this is entirely true. Because one guy from his squadron just got there yesterday, so he can't possibly have gotten a package already, right? Plus, I'm not sure that pre-mailing yourself coffee and tobacco count either. But, I am in trouble on both ends for that because Ashlee is mad that we haven't mailed one yet and I had to do some pretty heavy-handed persuading to get her to write him a letter on Sunday. She wasn't going to write anything until I started getting the package ready - by the weekend one will be in the mail! Our phone calls are very brief and we all miss him!


MiriamR said...

Such beautiful girls. I really hope we get to see you all at the end of the summer. (well except Christopher but he isn't a girl)

Sarah said...

Such beautiful girls. You're right, Maggie does look grown up. And Paige in her dress is adorable! We're keeping Christopher in our prayers.