Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Every woman who's had children says it - they grow up so fast. They all say it because it is true, too true. How did this little person get here? She was just a baby last week, I promise. I've been noticing two year olds lately, and they are really challenging for the adults in their lives - so busy, so singularly focused, so loud, so opinionated and pushing every second for independence. They want to put their own shoes on, pick their own clothes out, buckle themselves in the car seat, decide when it is time to leave, explore everything around them, eat what and when they want .... it can be exhausting. Look how tall she is! Soon she will be out of this stage and on to the next and I will wonder what I thought was so difficult, and why I didn't enjoy this time more. I already feel like that about her first two years, and the years that have passed with her sisters.
Pure joy!


Sarah said...

Gosh, she is getting so big! And so cute! I love the picture with her smiling.

MiriamR said...

She IS growing too fast. We really need to see her before she is all grown up. She is soooo cute!