Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer visit

Jennifer and her kids are here visiting and we are having a great time! Here are some pics.
On the boardwalk after a day of surf, sun, sand, pizza in the rain, and rides....just one last treat before the car ride home. Maggie, just getting out of the sand from being buried. I love everything about the shore...except all the sand (and maybe the schlepping of all the stuff.) that we bring home with us. Even when we shower there, a little bit of sand stays with us.

Garrett going over a wave - on Saturday we had nearly perfect weather and really good waves.

The Atlantic Ocean is COLD! So we have to warm up frequently.

Paigie at her post. She stays up here and demands that people bring her water in buckets, which she uses to rinse her hands and feet and then fills with sand and wants a clean bucket. Usually by the last hour, she is ready to venture out and look for seashells and put her toes in the water, but still no suit. On Saturday, she did let us put her bottoms on - maybe tomorrow we'll get to do the tops!

This is Jennifer's 4th trip to come see us in New Jersey and guess what? Christopher has never made it to the beach with us. I am so glad to have 2 great sisters and I am so thankful for Jennifer - that she makes the effort to come and see us and spend time with us.


sharron said...

Hi Sweethearts! Great pictures at the sea shore. Nice to see Jennifer's kids - they are sure going up. Fun for you and the girls to have company.
The girls are beautiful as usual!! Paige is cautious of the waves so stays where it is safe, so cute. I will call tomorrow. I love you, xo Mom

MiriamR said...

That looks like so much fun. I wish we would go visit you! I love the beach. I hate the sand too though. The only crappy part about the beach it gets everywhere!

Sarah said...

Aaah the Shore! Great pictures (and I can't believe how grown up Garrett looks!!) It's so nice they can come out to visit you!!