Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference Saturday

"The Church needs strong Christians...who perservere through hardships...make important things happen through their faith." - D. Todd Christofferson"Joyfully live within your means...buying what we don't need makes us poor spiritually and unable to serve. Three most loving words 'I love you.' Four most loving words 'We can't afford it." Robert D. Hales
"Faith and courage come from a testimony that it is true that we are being prepared here for eternal life." Henry B. Eyring

"...Life and faith centered on Jesus Christ and his gospel...nothing can go permanently wrong...not centered on Christ, nothing can be permanently right." Rafael E. Pino, quoting President Howard W. Hunter.

We had a great conference Saturday - I'm so thankful for general conference, for the opportunity for renewal and repentance that it brings. I am so glad to know that there is a Prophet. I am glad to belong to a church that sets a high standard and expects me to reach up and live it- and I am especially glad that they teach about Christ so I know that I can and that I will be happy as I try - no matter what.
(None of the above are direct quotes - just my notes from today - better information at

And...remember the blind man? Well, on April first he went racing halfway to the emergency room for a cut. But, it wasn't. Just a wet rag and some red food coloring. FYI if you need someone from this house to play a joke - Ashlee is your girl. Maggie and I cannot keep a straight face.


Sarah said...

Lol, you go Ashley! I still think we should get together sometime after Christopher goes ...

MiriamR said...

what a great prank! I too LOVE conference weekend its like getting your spiritual batteries charged. My favorite was definitely Robert D. Hales talk. So great for our times and families.