Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Spring Break

More spring break from DE - while we were there, we went to Baltimore for the day. We stayed in the inner harbor and went to the National Aquarium and on board one of the ships in the harbor. The best part of the Aquarium was the dolphin show. Paige really liked the fish too. While we were on the boat - I think it was the USS Constellation, but my memory is failing me right at the moment - Paige managed to disappear a couple of times when I was reading the signs. Once, we found her behind the rope through one of the officer cabins in a little cubby between the cabin and the wall of the ship. She's pretty sneaky and it's more difficult without 2 adults to help with the supervision. Anyway, Baltimore looked really fun and I wouldn't mind going back when we can spend more time. There is an old Basilica there somewhere (the first one built in the U.S.???? maybe, but just as before, my memory is failing) and I really wanted to see it. My map skills are terrible though and we had already gotten lost once, so we missed it.

Unrelated photo: the monkey in the closet. Her changing table is inside the closet to help save space, and this is one of her new favorite tricks.


Sarah said...

Oooooh I've been to the aquarium in Baltimore and it's really cool! So fun you could go!!

MiriamR said...

your monkey is sooo cute! Daring too I might add. I LOVe ships! That are so fun to go on. looks like so much fun!