Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maybe this is only funny to me...

The background:
On Sunday, during Sacrament meeting, the kind sister behind us passed the girls one of those dot games - you know the ones where you draw lines from dot to dot to complete a square and the last one to complete the square, gets a point. So, Maggie and Ashlee played. Ashlee is competitive, and not in a good, driven way, but in the way that makes us all dread playing games with her. We are working on it, and so is she, but it's a hard lesson to learn - and we all know people who haven't learned that lesson. (I'm crossing my fingers right now that it won't be her.) I don't think she'll be like this forever -during soccer season, she is definitely not as competitive as she is during family games. Maybe it's us.
I don't know why the pictures are turned on their sides - they are not that way in the file.
Picture #1 - Ashlee quits, Maggie tries to persuade her to continue. (I wrote the numbers to make it easier to follow. Paige was helping me)
Picture #2 The argument continues. (I did not write any numbers, because I couldn't really follow)
Missing - one page of a few more notes back and forth. Then it is quiet for a little while - no notes back and forth, Ashlee appears to be coloring. Then she hands Maggie picture number 4 - She has stacked the game so she cannot lose (because everyone knows once you pass a certain age no-one EVER wins tic-tac-toe anymore) I love the "make your move." with the evil mouse face. I hear it in my head said in a very threatening tone. I laughed (quietly, to myself for a few minutes) I really love this girl!

I have been wanting to get a picture of her with her eyes wide open for a long time - they are so beautiful, but I never can, so here is one sad attempt. Isn't she great?


MiriamR said...

I love the score on picture two.
I HATED playing this game with my sisters in church because it took forever and they always won. I guess I sympathize with Ashlee on that one.

The little conversations are priceless and much nicer than the ones my sister and I used to write to each other :)

Sarah said...

Hahaha! That's totally me -- I don't think I totally grew out of being so competitive. I just hate losing. HATE it. Good luck with Ashlee -- it's awesome you're trying to teach her. Those notes are hilarious!

sharron said...

Hi Sweeties! I have been waiting to see those beautiful eyes too - very cute picture! We have some family members who are quite competitive, so I think she comes by it naturally. They have grown out of it I'm sure!! I see some cute little toes. Love you xo Mom